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Meet Wisp

Wisp is a way for merchants to communicate with visitors on their site without being intrusive and visitors love engaging with it. It's a simple concept, but it can perform complex and important tasks. The Big IdeaWisp was built because we felt there was a lot of brand engagement left

The Notification Feed

The notification feed is where you and your site visitors connect. It's the hub for all of your notification campaigns that you create in Wisp. There are two ways your visitors can experience the notification feed depending on your implementation: The default Floating Feed and the embedded Custom Feed. Before

The Wisp Notification

Wisp Notifications are the content you want to deliver to your visitors. A notification has two main pieces: The Teaser: What your visitors see when you open the feed.The Message: What your visitors see when you open the teaser.The TeaserThe teaser is a preview of the campaign. It


If your site is on Shopify, Wisp comes ready to generate discounts and surface them within notifications. Wisp creates a discount in Shopify but the discount can be modified in both Shopify and Wisp. Wisp cannot however pull discounts created in Shopify. This means you must create them in Wisp

The Campaigns Page

The Campaigns Page is where you access and manage your campaigns. You can access this through the main menu to the left of the page. As you can see, any campaign you've created will appear here, along with some helpful information and actions to make management easy. You can click

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