What is Wisp?

Wisp is a tool that allows websites to share personalized onsite notifications with their visitors.

What data do we collect about you as a visitor?

Most of the data we collect is about your behavior on the website (which pages you visit, how often you visit the website, what type of device you’re using), and some data is about your interactions with our tool (how often do you open the feed, which notifications do you interact with, etc.).

This data is stored on our servers.

We also store a first-party cookie on your browser to identify you. This cookie expires one year after your last visit.

How do we use the data we collect?

We use the information for analytics and targeting purposes. These details help us and the website owner make your experience more personalized and ensure that we share only relevant notifications with you.

We don’t sell your data to any other services.

If you share your email address through the widget, your details can be synchronized with third-party solutions used by the website owner such as their CRM or email marketing software.

How do we secure your data?

The data is stored in a database hosted by Amazon Web Services.

This database is only accessible to our lead developers using SSH access; it doesn't have a public IP address.

AWS itself applies the strictest security standards.

How can you get your details removed from our servers?

Email us at support@getwisp.co and we will remove any information we have about you.